Are you questioning whether your personal life is on the right track? Do you find yourself yearning to fulfill your personal needs and desires? Are there specific behaviors you wish to address but aren’t sure where to begin? Does a lack of self-confidence impede your ability to seize new opportunities? Take solace in the fact that these experiences are not uncommon, and many individuals have encountered similar situations at some point in their lives. Whether you’re facing a specific challenge or simply seeking greater balance, counseling offers a wealth of new tools and fresh perspectives. Allow me to accompany you on this journey toward clarity and empower you to make the desired changes.

With a personalized approach tailored to your unique circumstances, I consider your background, present challenges, and ultimate aspirations. Together, we will navigate your path, unlocking your true potential and fostering personal growth along the way.
organization can nurture a motivated and high-performing workforce.

Don’t let self-doubt and unaddressed challenges impede your personal growth. Embrace the opportunity for positive change and reach out to me today. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey toward a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Common topics in Counselling

Standing up for yourself, setting boundaries and expressing your needs

Understanding your thought processes and avoiding misunderstandings

Resolving internal conflicts

Understanding and improving behavioural and communication patterns

Improving your self-esteem

Managing high demands

Communicating within conflict situations


Dealing with emotions (grief, anger, anxiety, or insensibility/feeling numb)

Support during separation

If your current circumstances do not correspond with any of the previously mentioned topics, there’s no need to worry. Feel free to reach out to me to determine if I can provide the necessary support for your unique challenge. I am committed to exploring how I can assist you in overcoming your specific hurdles.

Definition Counselling

My counselling service is called psychological counselling in Switzerland. The main difference between psychological counselling (performed by psychologists) and psychotherapy (performed by psychotherapists) is essentially the duration of the counseling/therapy and the severity and nature of the problems. Psychological counseling is generally short-term professional support that focuses on difficult life situations and solving specific problems. In psychological counseling, psychologists work with healthy people who want to prevent becoming mentally ill and therefore want to preventively change something about their current situation. The duration of the counselling service is limited in time. In contrast, psychotherapy is usually a longer-term treatment that has no limited time frame, and is suitable for people with a mental illness and experiencing huge difficulties in daily activities (more information on American Psychiatric Association).

Psychological Counselling is not covered by health insurance (basic Insurance). but partly covered by some supplementary insurances that accredit psychologists with FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists) certification. However, how much a supplementary insurance covers differs from provider to provider. If you need financial support from your supplementary insurance you need to contact them prior to using my counselling services to make sure you don`t have to pay for the service yourself.