Psychological CounsellingCHF 180.-/60 min (incl. VAT)
Business CoachingUpon request

Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance at no cost. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, 50% of the service fee will be charged. If you miss your appointment without giving notice 100% of the service fee will be charged.

Psychological counseling services are partly covered by some supplementary insurances that accredit psychologists with FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists) certification. However, how much a supplementary insurance covers differs from provider to provider.

If you need financial support from your supplementary insuranse you need to contact them prior to using my counselling services as they will decide on the coverage based on individual cases. I recommend you use the link to the FSP register to point out my professional psychological services. As an FSP member, I am “…entitled to use the title Psychologist FSP, which stands for reputable, scientifically sound and practice-proven psychological services…” (, 12.05.2022). Your supplementary insurance will also be able to find me on this list.

10 for 9 bundle – get 1 free

The 10 for 9 bundle will give you the time to identify your goal and map out an implementation plan. Use the bundle opportunity and save 180.- Swiss Francs.

10 sessions (60 Min. each) for the price of 9 sessionsCHF 1620.- (incl. VAT)

Definition Counselling

My counselling service is called psychological counselling in Switzerland. The main difference between psychological counselling (performed by psychologists) and psychotherapy (performed by psychotherapists) is essentially the duration of the counseling/therapy and the severity and nature of the problems. Psychological counseling is generally short-term professional support that focuses on difficult life situations and solving specific problems. In psychological counseling, psychologists work with healthy people who want to prevent becoming mentally ill and therefore want to preventively change something about their current situation. The duration of the counselling service is limited in time. In contrast, psychotherapy is usually a longer-term treatment that has no limited time frame, and is suitable for people with a mental illness and experiencing huge difficulties in daily activities (more information on American Psychiatric Association).